Here’s what people are saying about A Visit with Santa:

“One of our most treasured memories of 2020 was A Visit with Santa (Tony Triano). Santa was very professional, guiding the conversation with my shy six-year-old. Not only was she asked about what she wanted for Christmas, but Santa asked about school, holiday decorations and even included fun bits about Prancer’s mischievous behavior. My child was completely at ease talking to Santa via Zoom, feeling safe in her space at home. Avoiding the mall meet and greet was a blessing during the pandemic. We didn’t have to worry about crowds, germs sitting on a lap, impatient people waiting in line, or the stress of trying to get the perfect photo. Instead we have memories of my child giggling with delight. It was a conversation we all treasure and we can’t wait to talk to Santa again this year. It’s the most personalized, meaningful visit with Santa, and a gift to your child unlike any other encounter. We hope to make it a yearly tradition for years to come.”
Amy O.-Wisconsin